In MAC Spotlight

Welcome to the Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) Spotlight. This dedicated space will be used to highlight different disciplines within the American Burn Association (电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版), as well as to provide burn centers the opportunity to spotlight unique programs and/or staff.

The MAC is comprised of representatives from each of the disciplines embodied within the 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版. The MAC’s mission/charge is to serve as a resource for 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 membership, facilitate communication to membership, Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Committees, Board of Trustees and the public.

Additionally, the MAC is tasked with identifying member needs, enhancing deliverables to attract new members and improve retention, and developing strategy to use social media to engage all stakeholders. For all list of current MAC members, visit the 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 website here . Or, visit us at the 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 Annual Meeting at the 电竞赚钱(南昌)手机版抽注下载v4.9版 Resource Center, in the Exhibit Hall.

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